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Our Work

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A. Crosby Creatives

Vantage incorporated animated transitions between different sections of the website, which helped to keep the user engaged and added a playful touch to the overall design.

Peppr Culinary

Peppr brings award-winning chefs into clients' kitchens to provide live, virtual experiences. Create quality restaurant-level meals, live with Chopped-Champion Chefs, without ever leaving your kitchen.

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Jenna Riccatelli, LCSW

Skillfully capturing the essence of Jenna’s embodied healing company's mission and values, that resonate with their target audience. 

Sweets & Treats

Ana Reyes is a local New Jersey baker, making everything from decorative cookies to gourmet cakes. Vantage has had the pleasure of redesigning her logo and really pulling all of her fun baking colors together into her branding.

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baraki-brand-board-template_Artboard 4.png

Baraki NYC

Baraki took a very style-centric approach to designing their restaurant, and by teaming up with Vantage, were able to extend their unique style to their digital audience as well.

The Lincoln

Our company takes pride in reimagining the charm of the past and infusing it into the identity of The Lincoln.

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